B-62 Oqaatsut, Greenland
+299 948585
Guesthouse and Youth Hostel

In the Guesthouse you can rent a bed in a 6 beds dormitory room. The dormitory is located on the upper floor. On the ground floor you can enjoy the living room, the kitchen, the toilets and bathroom.
No weelchair acces.

Café / Restaurant

 At H8 restaurant you will be able to enjoy Greenandic food cooked Greenladic way. You can experience what we eat the way we eat in Greenland and enjoy Greenlandic fresh prodcuts hunted and fished by local hunters / fishermen.

Outdoor activities

We can offer you several activities. Summer time : cultural city tour, kayaking amoung the icebergs, boat tours, fishing, hiking, dogs feeding.
Winter time : Cultural city tour, dogsleding tours form 2 hours to a week, ice fishing.

DKK 400,- per night.


The guesthouse is a nice historical house located 10 meters from the restaurant’s building. The kitchen, the living room, the toilets and the bathroom are on the ground floor and the dorm room with 6 single beds on the upper floor.
The night per bed is DKK 400,-/.
Breakfast possible at the restaurant, if ordered the day before, for DKK 95,-/person.
Remember that it is a 6 beds dormitory room, so that mean that you share your room with other guest as well as the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilets.  

Menu “à la carte”.

Café / Restaurant

At the restaurant you will be able to enjoy fresh greenlandic product cooked greenlandic way. All products like fish, seal, wale, narwale, caribou… are hunted / fished by local hunters and fishermen.
If you want more informations about the menu or any inquiery, please email us : info@h8-oqaatsut.com

Organized with local guides.


During your stay in Oqatsut we can organise several outdoor activities for you.
Winter time:
Dogsledding 2Hours, dogsledding day tours, dogsledding expedition, coffee with locals. 
Oqaatsut settelement’s cultural tour.
Summer time:
Settelement cultural tour, kayaking, hiking, fishing, boat tour, coffee with locals.
A souvenir shop located in the restaurand is open everyday during restuarant’s opening time.


A family business

H8 Oqaatsut is runned by Charlotte Caquineau and her husband Julien Caquineau.
Charlotte is Greenlandic (Kalaaleq) born in ilulissat. She run the kitchen at H8 Restaurant where it is serve only local meal cooked local way. She want you to experience the way we live here in Oqaatsut, the way we eat.
Her husband Julien is French, he is arrived in Greenland for the first time in 2004. He is a hunter and fisherman so off course musher as well. He hunt and fish most of the products Charlotte will cook for you.
Charlotte and Julien have 3 adorable childrens. A daughter “Ulloriaq” and 2 sons “Nanuaraq” and “Aputsiaq”.

Charlotte Caquineau

Here cleaning a seal skin with the traditional woman knife named “Ulo”. you might be able to see her preparing seal skin.

Julien Caquineau

You might be able to go for a dogsled ride, from few hours to several days trip, during the winter season.

Ulloriaq Caquineau

charlotte and Julien’s daughter here behind the sled wile her father, Julien, is driving.
Ulloriaq means “star” in Kalaallisut (Greenlandic).

Nanuaraq Caquineau

Charlotte and Julien’s first son here waiting for his mum to fix his kamik (seal skin boots).
Nanuaraq means “young polar bear” in Kalaallisut (Greenlandic).

Aputsiaq Caquineau

Charlotte and Julien’s last son here running behind the sled.
Aputsiaq means “snow flake” in Kalaallisut (Greenlandic).

Contact us

Telephone : +299 948585 – email : info@h8-oqaatsut.com